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Inspired by her own experiences, Dr. Nwando Okafor formed Soeur Foundation in order to unite women through the power of sisterhood and to impact the future of women’s earning power in the world. The overall mission is to narrow the gender gap in STEM careers, entrepreneurship, and productivity by providing enrichment to young girls and women. 


Dr. Okafor was blessed to have a strong network of supporters around when she acclimated from boarding school in Nigeria to high school in the United States.  Those times came with many challenges and there was always room for more support. Dr. Okafor and her sister beat many obstacles by sticking together and being each other’s support system. Collectively, they have gained much of their success as physicians and in entrepreneurship by working together as a unit.  


Their powerful bond of sisterhood is implemented in the mission of Soeur Foundation. The Okafor sisters are visual proof of female change agents who are working together for the success of women in the following generations.  

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Our programs are designed to help women reach their highest potential by encouraging them to develop a successful mindset.   We are successful women from different walks of life and we are dedicated to the enrichment of the next generation.

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 Here at THE SOEUR FOUNDATION, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in empowering women to be successful and achieve their dreams. We believe as women, we face a unique set of challenges that impede our success. We are made up of women from all works of life. We have been there; overcame a lot of challenges and succeeded. We are dedicated to help you succeed.  We strive to build productive relationships and partnerships to make a positive impact with all of our pursuits. 

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Soeur Foundation


Ages 13-17

We believe that every one needs a mentor a some point in their life.

The Soeur After School Mentorship program is designed to build impactful relationships between at-risk girls-ages 13-22 and professional women.  Our goal is to inspire and engage young women to be successful in  

STEM studies, career preparation, and life strategies. 


The Soeur Mentorship Program, features individual and group mentoring efforts that connect women working in STEM and relative fields to mentees who are interested in working in STEM areas.  We aim to build lasting relationships that will garner infinite success and economic empowerment for women. Boys are welcomed to participate in our group sessions.




At SOEUR FOUNDATION, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in empowering women to achieve success. We mobilize our efforts by visiting schools, colleges, and other organizations to have impactful group conversations with young women.  In addition to promoting excellence in STEM, Soeur Foundation is socially responsibility for encouraging women to have thinking power and the ability to attain limitless success.

Public Speaker

Are you planning an event? Please consider booking one of our speakers.


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18 and up

We have a strong network health care professionals who are available to offer individual and group sessions for students who are interested in health career options.  These sessions inspire students to focus on excellence in science and mathematics.

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